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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Small Cap Dividends and Income - Auburn National Bancorp AUBN

This post discusses how Auburn National Bancorp, symbol AUBN, qualifies as a Dividend Machine and has two features that make me want to add it to the income producing portion of my portfolio.

AUBN meets all four Dividend Machine criteria.   This is a small Alabama bank that has been in business since 1990.  AUBN’s dividend history is solid.   If you own AUBN by 12/10/2013 you will receive a quarterly dividend of $.21 on 12/26/2013.   Ten years ago your December quarterly dividend was $.12.  The dividend increase works out to 7.5% per year.    This is good for a small bank that continued to pay you during the financial crises of 2008/2009.   A snapshot of AUBN’s Dividend Machine bona fides is presented in the table below. 

Can you better the Dividend Machine strategy?

Your strategy is dividends and income.  You know you need to beat the 10 year treasury income.  You know your income needs to increase every year.  You want a low risk stock but you are experienced enough to know that even when a major disruption in stock prices occurs, many companies will continue to pay you and even increase your income during these troubled times.   You are disciplined and will stick with your picks. 

Just look at the 2011 Dividend Machine Portfolio and you will find that at least during that year, you could use only four criteria to pick a darn good portfolio of dividend stocks.  The question is, could you do better than the Dividend Machines?

Today I am profiling AUBN and I have two reasons above and beyond the Dividend Machine criteria that make me like this stock.   One is my view of the interest rate curve and the other is the outperformance of small cap stocks.

Interest Rate Curve benefits banks:

Banks lend out the money you deposit.   When they can lend the money at a greater rate than they pay you for holding your money safely, the banks make money.   Today, even small banks, like AUBN, engage in financial transactions that are broader than just making money on your deposits but the effect of rising interest rates on a bank’s ability to make money benefits the bank’s owners.   Interest rates are on the rise.   Nothing alarming yet in terms of inflation, but they are on the rise and that should benefit a banking stock like AUBN.

Small cap Stocks do better:

In a recent post I used another Dividend Machine stock, ESP, to illustrate the positive history of small cap stocks.  AUBN is another example of how well a small cap stock can benefit the income investor’s portfolio.  Vanguard Investments published this report which shows small caps do well.  AUBN’s capitalization is $90 million. 

Consider Auburn National Bancorp for the income producing portion of your portfolio.  AUBN qualified as a Dividend Machine in 2012 and it shows up again today as a stock that meets all four Dividend Machine criteria plus it can take advantage of the interest rate curve and the advantage of being a small cap stock.

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Monday, May 14, 2012



I rarely write articles on this blog that are not related to my major focus of investing for income.  But I decided to post my view of the investment bank issues brought up, again, by the trading mistakes of JP Morgan.

The “Banking Act of 1933” is important to understand if you think our banks are too big to manage.  If you would like to read the act in detail a link is provided.
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