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Monday, November 24, 2014

Covered Calls Expired; sell more for more income

Calls expired this weekend and three stocks that I have profiled quite often in this blog were not taken away.   You know that about 75% of calls expire without the stock being taken away.   This is a gift for income investors.

Three stocks deserve another look; they are Intel symbol, INTC; Microsoft symbol MSFT; and Gaslog symbol GLOG.  

These three stocks and their covered calls are excellent examples of how to work this game.  Keep selling calls higher and higher.   I will use today's intra day price for the cost basis but if you bought, as I have, as lower prices your return is even better than displayed in the tables below.

INTC - November $37 call expired

MSFT - November $49 call expired

GLOG - November $22.50 expired

Good Income Investing.   TheMoneyMadam
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Packaging Company of America, PKG delivers income

Packing Company of America, symbol PKG, has delivered for me.  But the price appreciation makes their dividend yield of just under 2.25% low enough to risk losing PKG to a call.

PKG’s earnings are $5.32 with a dividend payout of $1.60 for a 2.19% yield

Their next ex dividend date should be about December, 2014 and I will try for a January $75 call so that I pocket both the dividend and the call premium.

The Covered Call Calculation is presented in the table below.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Qualcomm a quick trick for income QCOM

Buying QCOM today for a quick income trick.   If you own before November 26, you will receive their most recent quarterly dividend of $.42 in December.    Sell a December $70 call for about $1.50 and your income totals $1.92.  Based on today’s price of $68.75 and your immediate total yield is 2.79%. 

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