In 2011 I embarked on an experiment the purpose of which was to measure how well my dividend stock picking strategy performed.  Each year I created a portfolio of dividend stocks I call Dividend Machines using my specific set of stock pricking criteria. 

The table below summarizes these portfolios:

Click on the links to view each year's portfolio.

       2018  Holdings and Results 2018 Dividend Machines

       2017  Holdings and Results 2017 Dividend Machines

       2016 - see Call Options Portfolios  

       2015  Holdings and Results 2015 Dividend Machines

       2014  Holdings and Results 2014 Dividend Machines

       2013 Holdings and Results 2013 Dividend Machines

       2012 Holdings and Results 2012 Dividend Machines

       2011 Holdings and Results 2011 Dividend Machines

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