2016 Stock Picking was different

My previous model portfolios, 2011 - 2015 + 2017 include the stocks I picked that met the four criteria I used to select Dividend Stocks at that time. I will continuously post updates on these six model portfolios. Each stock is included in the stock ticker displayed at the top of this web/blog.

2016 was different.

The 2016 M* Portfolio of dividend stocks were picked using many of my previous criteria but I have added covered call potential to my screens. I lowered the dividend yield threshold to 2.75% and will need covered calls to make up the difference. Revenue growth is a new hurdle. I expect a history of 4% revenue growth as I believe revenue growth is what drives dividend increases.   We retirees need dividend increases.

2016's Dividend criteria are listed in the table at the bottom of this page.

Holdings Performance Table of the 2016 Portfolio - terminated on 2/17/2017

I terminated the portfolio today, February 17, 2017 when the last working call expired.  I sold all position on close.   I will no longer track these holdings but will keep the original work available for review by investors who are interested in seeing an example of a portfolio the used covered calls on dividend stocks.

2016 Criteria Table

TheMoneyMadam M* Disclosure: Long all holdings