Thursday, April 14, 2022

Electrify my pocketbook BLNK, CHPT

Underlying Security Symbol:  BLNK, CHPT

While I am personally a committed income investor, I do manage other money in my family.  One group of stocks that are not dividend stocks are the EV, electric vehicle, industry stocks.  When as strong a catalyst as electric vehicles exists, a good income investor with a high risk tolerance can turn a gamble into income.

I have to use only my own additional shares for this transaction or I would end up selling calls and risk losing the client's (family member's) position.

Today I was looking for the opportunities the market created.  I made a $700 premium on another NUE call but I have written about the trade too many times already.  So I am posting about two more interesting trades: one is Blink, symbol BLNK; the other is Chargepoint, symbol CHPT.  Blink is the European leader in charging stations.  Chargepoint competes with EV Go, symbol EVGO for U.S. charging stations.  They have slightly different niches. 

I like the catalyst.  There are no fundamentals for an investor like me to use.  Although according to MSN-Money, both BLNK and CHPT have no debt. 

























These stocks have been beaten down and may go down even further.  My investment is not huge and the income is quite nice.  Not for the faint of heart. 

MM MoneyMadam 

Data from and Marketxls and MSN Money

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