Friday, April 29, 2022

Defensive Trade WMT July Call captures dividend + Pemium my favorite call today

Underlying Security Symbol: WMT


This market can be painful for many.  My favorite call today, and I sold calls on 4 stocks, is Walmart.  Walmart, symbol WMT, is a defensive move.  As stuff gets more expensive, folks shop at places where stuff costs less.   

Walmart pays its quarterly dividend on May 5, so I took advantage of selling a monthly call that expires in July.   And adding to Walmart to capture the dividend and to receive a nice call premium is how I make a living.  I own enough Walmart that I don't really care if these new shares are assigned.  Therefore a strike price of $165 seemed the best call for me today.











It is hard to be brave when you see so many challenges ahead.  Remember to do your homework and only make trades that put money in your checking account and that you can live with if you are not called away.

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