Monday, July 23, 2018

Friday, July 20 was options expiration day.  Ten percent of my calls were exercised the remainder expired which is exactly the expected outcome.

I am tracking a separate, small portfolio of stocks on which I sell calls.  Below is an updated picture.  Four Nucor (NUE) $67.50 calls expired on Friday.  I look forward to working this wonderful income stock.

In August, we have one AAPL $200 call.  In September, we have two QCOM $65 calls and one GILD $80 call.

The $68,222 portfolio has delivered one nice capital gain as well as recurring dividends and call income.  Except for Twitter, which was called away for the capital gain of 8.6% in a week, and my bi loser RIOT, the other stocks have provided multiple call option income and dividend income.   The loser of the group is RIOT.  I will hold it until I can sell appropriate calls.  Current yield on this portfolio is just over 7%.

This portfolio is a small example of how to work dividends, momentum, and calls to enhance your investment income.

M* MoneyMadam

disclosure:  Long all positions with calls as noted.