Sunday, June 24, 2018

2018 Call Portfolio

In 2018 I am tracking a portfolio that is designed to deliver income mostly through call options.

It is a limited portfolio with a basis of just over $68,000.

This $68,000 has already created over $4,000 of income.   I like this kind of income.

This is not a growth portfolio and the stock price of the stocks is almost irrelevant.  I made a big mistake buying RIOT.  I have been able to sell a couple of calls on it.  I don't sell holdings in this portfolio especially at such a loss so I am holding my mistake RIOT.

GILD is underwater but I am collecting a nice dividend and have sold one call.  I look everyday for the next call.  My strike price on GILD will not be lower than my basis.

Today I sold calls on the 200 shares of QCOM.  I need to keep working this limited portfolio and I will post my trades as they are executed.


I always tell people, you can really only expect to generate about 5% pure income for spending on a retirement portfolio.   However, if you can master using covered calls, this portfolio proves that more income is possible.  Over 7% in yield so far.

M* MoneyMadam
Disclosure:  Long all positions with the calls noted