Friday, February 2, 2018

Putting Short Term Cash to Work

As all readers of my blog know, I am an advocate of keeping cash around to sleep well at night.  It also allows me to buy into corrections.   Today I am nibbling a little bit ... see previous post ... but I am also taking advantage of some nice yields on cash in the form of a Certificate of Deposit.

The concept of a nice yield is relative.  I come from a generation of investors who buy C.D.'s with an 18% yield.   Buying a CD with a 1.5% yield is only nice in this environment.

I fully expect interest rates to increase, which means I keep my maturities very short.  Here is a CD worth looking at.

Citibank 1.5% CD matures 5/9/2018
Buy at par
Cusip 17312QG94

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