Monday, May 8, 2017

Musings on 2017 Dividend Machines

When I started this project late in 2010, I picked one stock every week for 52 weeks.  That portfolio has done really well.

I rather doubt that the reason is buying one stock every week but instead the performance is so good because the market was just 2 years into recovery from the 2009 debacle and went straight up from there.

Here I am over four full months into 2017 and I want to invest $100,000 during this year in Dividend Machine stocks.  So far I have but four holdings so I am going to have to pick up my game. 

This is a risky approach as the market is pretty high.

If you are a young or new investor, you have no choice but to invest.  Cash pays you nothing and you cannot build wealth in cash.  So I am going back to my 2011 technique.  I look at The's dividend calendar and worth through it until I find a stock that meets my criteria then I buy it.

Stay tuned.  During this week I should find something to add to the portfolio.  I usually need about 20 stocks before I find one that is adequate.  Right now I have eleven stocks that are ex-dividend before May 20.  If I can't one in that list I will keep looking.

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