Monday, February 6, 2017

COP and WGL dividend increases

COP and WGL are both Dividend Machines. COP made the grade four times and then decreased the dividend and suffered further significant stock price erosion.

COP Cost Basis History

     COP 2015 $65.66
     COP 2014 $80.35
     COP 2013 $59.84
     COP 2011 $68.00 adjusted for PSX spin off

     Average cost basis:  $68.46

I am long COP and have had the good luck to sell calls that generated more income. But this holding has been very painful.  I am a patient investor and am hoping the latest dividend raise portends of good things to come.

WGL was a 2012 Dividend Machine with a basis of $39.89.  This stock is a home run.