Sunday, December 18, 2016

Measuring 2016 and moving onto 2017

This week I will be closing out my 2016 Portfolio.  One call continues to work until February 2017.  Once that call either expires or is exercised, the 2016 will be terminated.  It was an interesting experience; a bit of a departure from my 2011-2015 Model Portfolios.

During this time of year, I tweak the blog and decide how to invest in 2017.  I will continue to monitor the five annual Model Portfolios.  And I will report on the analyses I perform on these stocks.

About mid  January I will describe my 2017 investing strategy.  Stay tuned and take time to look at your own investments.  Measure your results and write down you future income investing goals.

Good income investing.

M* MoneyMadam