Thursday, October 29, 2015

ABBV good dividend and good call

Abbvie, symbol ABBV is part of the Dividend Machine stable of stocks.  We acquired ABBV as a spin off from Abbott Laboratories, symbol ABT. 

The Dividend Machine portfolios hold both stocks.  I personally sold off ABT and kept ABBV because most of the dividend yield came with the ABBV spin off.

However, I have been worried about ABBV because EPS (earnings per share) have been less than dividend paid out. That fundamental is changing and the four percent dividend yield has made ABBV worth keeping under the cloud of poor earnings.

I have sold many calls on ABBV while I have held it and today provides another nice opportunity.  See the table below for the call I sold today.

Disclosure: Long ABBV with calls

ABBV $62.73 and someone took it already.  Amazing 24 hour gain.   MM