Friday, June 12, 2015

Eli Lilly, LLY not for me

English: A photo of Eli Lilly and Company's or...
English: A photo of Eli Lilly and Company's original laboratory located at 15 W. Pearl St, Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo was taken in 1876. The two people on the right side of the doorway are Colonel Eli Lilly (the taller one) and his 14 year old son Josiah K. Lilly (shorter one). The man on the left side is the only other other business employee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I lived in Indianapolis, we thought it should be called Lillyanapolis because this company provides so much benefit for Indiana.   Their success started with insulin and diabetes research.  Now they are a more diversified big pharma.  The negative take is that their pipeline is weak.

LLY has a dividend of 2.38% but has not been a vigorous dividend growth stock.  Moreover, they earn just $.05 more per year than they pay out in dividends.

I know many folks who are long Eli Lilly and I though I would provide this call opportunity for them to consider.


Disclosure: no position and no expectation to initiate either a long position or a call.