Monday, November 24, 2014

Covered Calls Expired; sell more for more income

Calls expired this weekend and three stocks that I have profiled quite often in this blog were not taken away.   You know that about 75% of calls expire without the stock being taken away.   This is a gift for income investors.

Three stocks deserve another look; they are Intel symbol, INTC; Microsoft symbol MSFT; and Gaslog symbol GLOG.  

These three stocks and their covered calls are excellent examples of how to work this game.  Keep selling calls higher and higher.   I will use today's intra day price for the cost basis but if you bought, as I have, as lower prices your return is even better than displayed in the tables below.

INTC - November $37 call expired

MSFT - November $49 call expired

GLOG - November $22.50 expired

Good Income Investing.   TheMoneyMadam