Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dividends and Income 17% Dividend Growth 50% Capital Gain 2011 Dividend Machine Portfolio

How many investments have delivered these results;  fifty per cent capital gain in 3.5 years, seventeen percent increase in income?  That dividend growth rate provides more than four percent per year of income increases.

Stocks and Bonds

The stock market has been an equity investor's friend.   The bond market has been a friend as well.  But the bond market cannot deliver the income.

In this blog I pick and monitor stocks I call Dividend Machines.    I also pick discount bonds.  Because bonds are so expensive, few discount bonds are available for the ordinary investor.   Stocks on the other hand are available.   Moreover stock prices move up and down in reaction to things over which the ordinary has no control.   It is a fool's game to try figure out the stock price moves of a specific company, but you can use fundamental data to determine if as stock is the right investment for you.

Look at the 2011 portfolio of Dividend Machines.
This portfolio was built from November 2010 through November 2011.  The portfolio is three and one half years old.    If you bought 100 shares of every stock I profiled your investment would be up around fifty percent and the income from you investments would have increased more than seventeen percent.

* See Model Portfolios for holdings  http://www.themoneymadam.com/p/model-portfolios.html

I guess you could do better some where but I am going to stick with TheMoneyMadam's Dividend Machine criteria to pick stocks for the income producing portion of my portfolio.