Monday, July 7, 2014

Buy High and Sell Higher GLNG

Buy high and sell higher.   I have heard that strategy attributed to Value Line evaluations.  We have a real time example of that strategy.


Golar National Gas, symbol GLNG is not a stranger to this blog or to my own portfolio.   Today was another opportunity.   The stock was down $1.47 to $58.95.   Buy on this dip and sell a September 20, 2014 $65 call for $3.00 and you have an income machine.    Oh, and by the way, GLNG should pay you their quarterly dividend of $.45 if you still hold it on about September 4, 2014.

GLNG Covered Call

I covered this stock before.  Here are the links.  and    Review these and you’ll see why this is an example of buy high and sell higher.

Proceed with caution.