Monday, January 13, 2014

Dividends & Income Spectra Energy, SE - another Dividend Machine for 2014

Spectra Energy Corp., SE, is an interesting consideration for inclusion in the 2014 Dividend Machine portfolio based solely on my four Dividend Machine criteria.  And, only you can determine if SE fits into the income producing portion of your portfolio.

Spectra Energy Dividend Machine Fundamentals.

Spectra earned $1.52 per share during the last four quarters.  Dividends paid out were $1.22.  So SE is a dividend machine so far.   Dividend increases, however, are the mother’s milk of the retired income seekers.   

We have to have more money coming in next year than we had a few years ago.    Over the last five quarters SE has not increased the dividend, however over the past five years the quarterly dividend has increased from $.25 to $.305 which is an annual increase of 4.4%.    D/E ratio is a touch high at 1.883 but not out of the question for an energy company.

See the table for a review of Spectra Energy’s Dividend Machine Fundamentals.  Then do your research and determine if you should add SE to your portfolio.


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