Friday, December 13, 2013

Dividends & Income - Chevron CVX 20th Dividend Machine for 2013

I am not sure if this will be the last Dividend Machine I profile for the 2013 portfolio but it a stock I profile with great confidence.  This will by the 20th Dividend Machine profiled in 2013.

Chevron is the best of breed in the energy space and my reasons for saying so include their safety as measured by the balance sheet.   As you know I use D/E (debt to equity) equity to screen for safety.    Even more compelling is that the yield, currently above three percent, keeps up with the prices increases.

Chevron is diversified.  It owns and operates businesses in every segment of the industry and qualifies as a good global diversification for your portfolio as it does business all over the globe.

Chevron’s Dividend Machine Fundamentals:

Today, Chevron, symbol CVX is trading around $120.50; slightly off the 52 week high of $127.83 and well above the 52 week low of $105.75.     Chevron earns a mighty $12.22 per share and pays out $4.00 per share per year for a yield of 3.31%.   They have increased the dividend annually for over a decade.  Although this is huge company, they carry a very low D/E ratio of .1277.

See the table below for a snap shot of CVX’s Dividend Machine fundamentals.


Consider CVX for the income producing portion of your investment portfolio.

The Money Madam