Monday, August 12, 2013

Dividends from Home Ownership

Dividends from home ownership are many and that is why houses still sell.

How can the income investor benefit from this trend?

Income investors need to take advantage of this trend by looking for a stock that pays a dividend and is a supplier of items that home builders and home buyers need.    If our economy continues to limp along but is strong enough that folks buy new houses you, Mr./Ms income investor will benefit.   More household mean more mattresses and stuff bought which leads to more earnings and future dividend increases.  It is as simple as that.

I like a company like Leggett and Platt, symbol LEG.   Their income has grown by 60% lately.  Dividends have increased for 42 consecutive years at an almost 13% compound rate.   This is my kind of company and I am adding it to my 2013 Dividend Machine Portfolio.

The table below presents LEG's dividend machine fundamentals.

LEG was also cited by me as Dividend Machine in 2011

Consider this fine company your dividends and income portfolio.

The Money Madam

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