Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updates on DRI and ABBV

          Last week I wrote about our first 2013 dividend machine, Darden Restaurants, DRI.   You can see the post on the that subject by clicking on this linkhttp://www.themoneymadam.com/2013/01/darden-dri-buy-low-then-sell-call.html.  Over the holiday, I noticed a little bit of insider buying of DRI.   I find this encouraging.  Insiders can sell for many reasons, but when they buy during times of stock price weakness, which DRI has experienced lately, that tells me the insiders have confidence in their business plan.   DRI's dividend machine fundamentals are strong, but it is always nice to have verification.

          Another company I have profiled that I own but which is not a dividend machine, AbbVie, ABBV was named as a dividend aristocrat.   You can read the post on ABBV by clicking on this link http://www.themoneymadam.com/2013/01/abbvie-abbv-over-4-dividend-yield.html.  ABBV has a four percent dividend yield.  It is a spin off from Abbott Laboratories.   Being named to the dividend aristocrats list by other dividend experts, provides some verification that ABBV is expected to continue to deliver strong and ever growing dividends.