Friday, January 25, 2013

Sasol, SSL Natural Gas to Liquid Gas plus a dividend!

International companies pay dividends on a different schedule than American companies.  Here in the States we expect a dividend every quarter.   Foreign companies tend to pay twice a year.   During my two years of profiling dividend machines, I included only a few foreign companies (i.e. BCE); these companies paid dividends quarterly.  Today I profile company that is foreign, trades in the U.S., and pays dividends twice a year. 

You should consider investing in some international stocks and one that I like and just bought is Sasol, symbol SSL.    SSL pays dividends twice a year.  One dividend tends to be large and the other small.   When you add up the two dividends and look at the company's history, SSL has delivered a very good dividend over time.  The company is not technically a dividend machine because they paid a lesser dividend in 2008 than it did in 2009.   Since 2008, the dividend has increased every year.  

The table below presents SSL's company fundamentals.



Price when profiled

Earnings Per Share

Dividends Per Share

Current Qtr Dividend

Annualized Div Yield

Dividend Increases
       Since 2008

Debt/Equity ratio

            In addition to this company’s fundamentals, I like their business.  SSL is a South African Company that deals in chemicals, fuels, and oils.  They have created the technology for converting natural gas to liquid gas.  I feel this is the technology that will reap profit from the abundance of natural gas available around the world.
            Consider this international dividend company for the income producing portion of your portfolio.