Thursday, January 10, 2013

Should you use or ETF's or buy your own stocks for retirement income

          TheMoneyMadam, spent two years researching dividend companies and found some very interesting facts.  This post comments on the first year of my study 2011.

          (1)  If you bought 100 share of a company that qualified as a dividend machine every week for 52 weeks during 2011, you would have invested about $200,000.
          (2) If you held all stocks for one full year, you would have received about $9,000 or 4.5% yield.
          (3) Your capital gain would be about $20,000 or 10% as measured on November, 7 2012.

Are you interested in continuing to invest this way?

          Consider this:   If you had invested in the ETF known as Spyder (an S&P 500 proxy) SPY, your income would have been only about 2.5% although your capital gain would have been closer to 15%.

          If you sold enough SPY to create the same income as from your own dividend machine companies, your capital gain would have been about 8%.

          The choice is yours.

          I like being able to manage my own money, at a low cost; and I know what I own!

          I have a lot of data on these years of investing in dividend machines and I will periodically share it with you.

VTR,  TheMoneyMadam