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Dividend Machine Diebold (DBD) for week of October 15, 2012

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Security drives the Dividend Machine for week of October 15, 2012 Diebold Inc. symbol DBD
           Security is on every one’s mind these days.   Just try to gain entry into any large office building in New York or any other big city and you have to pledge your first born, show multiple photo ID’s and the person you are visiting better be there or you will cool your heels on the highly polished marble for quite some time.

Every internet cafĂ© user and every ATM user has heard of the painful results of security breaches.    Even at home, I bet you keep your valuables hidden or hopefully in a safe.

Diebold, known mostly for locks, has capitalized on security.   This is a very diverse company with a global business footprint.  Diebold, symbol DBD, makes a lot of money from its businesses and it has kept up with technology which means earnings grow year over year.  More important, they have shared earnings with their investors by offering a dividend for many decades.   Dividend income has increased every year for over 50 years.   Think of all the trouble the stock market and U.S. businesses have gone through over the past 50 years.

I liked finding this company as the first one to meet my dividend machine criteria for this week.

DBD closed on Friday at $33.64 per share.  If you own DBD by November 14, 2012 you will receive their quarterly dividend of $.285 on December 07, 2012; the annualized dividend of $1.14 is a yield of 3.4%.   Over the past four quarters, DBD earned $3.01 and paid out $1.135.   Debt to Equity ratio (D/E) is .81.   DBD’s dividend machine fundamentals are presented in the table below.

Diebold Inc.

Price when profiled
Last 4 Qtrs Earnings
Last 4 Qtrs Dividends
Current Qtr Dividend
Annualized Div Yield
No. Years Div Increase
Debt/Equity ratio

Consider this security company for the income producing portion of your investment portfolio.
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