Friday, April 27, 2012

Sonoco (SON) Dividend Machine for week of April 23, 2012

Dividend Machine for week of April 23, 2012 Sonoco Products (SON)
            This week has been so exciting for call income that I almost forgot about finding a dividend machine.  Do not forget that the dividend machine project is based on the random application of the four dividend machine criteria, (see the column on your left) every week (for 48 weeks followed by a month of analysis) to find ever increasing and safe dividend income.

            Some companies that make the world go ‘round are unsung heroes.  Sonoco (SON) not to be confused with the oil company Sunoco is one of those companies.  It serves so many brands.  Sonoco packages their products and coordinates supplies all over the world.   For those of you who like industrialists that also are environmentally praised, SON is for you.

            Here are the financial details on SON that clearly illustrate SON as a dividend machine.

Dividends paid since 1925
Dividends increased every year for 19
Debt to Equity ratio D/E ..91
Quarterly dividend to be paid on 6/8/2012 provided you own it by 5/18/2012 is $.30
Price when profiled $33.24
Annual Dividend yield at $33.24 is 3.61%
Most recent 4 quarters earnings $2.13
Most recent 4 quarters dividend $1.16
            Consider Sonoco (SON) for the income producing portion of your portfolio.
Very Truly Yours,