Friday, February 3, 2012

Chrysler FIA Diversification and Eight Percent Bond Yield?

Chyrsler 300CChyrsler 300C (Photo credit: nino63004)          Yes folks, I bought a high yield bond.  I like the new Chyrsler (FIA) products and what I read about their improved sales and productivity.   Chrysler has a note that matures June 15, 2019 in just over seven years.  The coupon is 8%.  It is selling at a discount to par in the range of $98.75 providing a yield of 8.227%.

          This bond is callable at par plus consideration for the interest you would receive if you held it to maturity.  I am willing to take the risk on this bond to get more than eight percent income.  The CUSIP, which is the identification that you must know to ask your broker to shop for this bond is 17121EAB3.

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