Monday, October 17, 2011

Dividend Machine for October 17, 2011 Thomson Reuters symbol TRI

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            Income investors who follow this blog know that my sole purpose is to help you invest for income using stocks and bonds.  My intent is to find one company per week that meets all four of the criteria necessary to classify it as a dividend machine.  Those four criteria are that each company earns more money that it pays out in a dividend; pays a dividend of at least three percent; has increased the dividend payout every year for at least five years; and has a debt to equity ratio less than one or within the standards of the industry. 

            In this income investing blog, I have tried to keep the dividend machines well diversified.  Thomson Reuters, symbol TRI, meets all the criteria as a dividend machine and it provides a level of diversification.

            TRI is an information company.  TRI provides information in six arenas:  media, science, health care, financial, legal, and tax and accounting.   They are a good company to consider adding to your income-investing portfolio. 

            TRI earn $1.55 per share and pays out $1.24 per share.  On Friday October 14, 2011, TRI closed at $28.56.  The dividend yield at that price is 4.34 percent.  With a debt to equity ratio of only .38, you should feel comfortable with the fundamentals of this company.

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