Monday, October 31, 2011

Dividend machine for Oct 31, 2011 Met-Pro Corp. symbol MPR

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                A little company with a little stock price and a little dividend … but listen up … Met-Pro Corp. is an income investor’s friend.  Met-Pro, symbol MPR, costs less than $10 per share.  

As you know, I rarely discuss stock price; I prefer to concentrate only on my chances of realizing more income every year from my income investments.   However, for new income investors, a stock price of $10 is very appealing.

Let’s look at why MPR is a dividend machine.   In 2007 MPR paid $.191 in dividends; in 2008 they increased the dividend to $.207.  The company has increased the dividend every year for at least 5 years.   If you own MPR by December 2, 2011, you will receive the quarterly dividend of $.071 on December 16, 2011. 

On an annual basis, the dividend is now $.284.  At the closing price of $9.27 on Friday, October 28, 2011, the yield is just over three percent.  MPR earns $.41 per share which is almost twice the amount they pay out in dividends.

 Income investors we have a found a very affordable and reliable dividend machine in MPR.  Their low D/E ratio of .04 is another encouraging part of this picture.  By the way, MPR is a provider of environmental control services. Consider this company for your growing list of dividend machines.

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