Monday, September 5, 2011

Portland General Electric - Dividend Machine for Sept 5, 2011

Rosskopf (Freiburg), Windr├Ąder vom AussichtsturmImage via Wikipedia          Our dividend machine for September 5, 2011 is Portland General Electric, symbol POR.  This electric and alternative energy company was a subsidiary of Enron.

After POR became independent, it has consistently increased its earnings.  POR paid its first dividend of $.225 in March of 2006.  If you own it before September 26, 2011, you will receive a quarterly dividend of $.265 on October 17, 2011. Few investments have increased their payout recently.

POR meets our very stringent criteria for a dividend machine.  POR earns $2.19 per share per year, pays our $1.06 per share per year, which, at Friday's closing price of $23.45, is a dividend yield of 4.52 percent.  POR's debt to equity ratio is 1.09, within industry average.

The above paragraph depicts the nature of simple income investing.  Bonds are still too expensive and this blog does not cover real estate investing, therefore your investment choices tend toward investing (not trading) equities.  During times of market uncertainty, a safe investment is one where the company makes more that it pays you and it pays you more and more every year.

Consider POR, Portland General Electric for the income-producing portion of your portfolio.

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