Monday, July 11, 2011

ESPEY manufacturing & electronics, symbol ESP dividend machine for July 11, 2011

Income investors heavily invested in traditional dividend machines like utilities, pharmaceuticals, and conglomerates take heed.  Espey manufacturing and electronics corp., symbol ESP, is a company to consider to diversify your income investing holdings.

Espey is a tiny but mighty company.  Operating for over 75 years, this company has an innovative history in products for severe environmental situations and military applications.   Although a small company, ESP has only 166 employees, it shares quite a lot of its profits with shareholders.

As I walked to school in the mid 1950’s I remember my first glimpse into capitalism as I watched a fellow elementary classmate being driven to school in a very nice car.  His dad invented something and created a company that went public and made a lot of money.  I learned that I too could benefit from this person’s success if I bought stock in that company.   In ESP, you have a chance to share in a small company’s success.

ESP earns $1.69 per share.  Their dividend is $.90 per share per year.  Based on ESP’s closing price on Friday, July 8, 2011 of $26.00 the yield is 3.46%.  Not only has ESP increased the regular dividend ever year for at least five years, it has distributed several special dividends.   ESP knows their business and in spite of all the trouble in our economy, both sales and income steadily increase.  ESP does all this with no debt.

Broaden your thinking and consider Espey manufacturing and electronics, symbol ESP, for the income-producing portion of your investment portfolio.

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