Thursday, December 9, 2010

Money at Work vs. Minute Work

During my college days, a student friend was selling insurance to make additional income. Although I never bought insurance from him he taught me the concept of minute work versus money at work. Simply stated, when you save and invest your hard earned money, the money itself can create income. For most of us honest working folks, the ordinary investor, hourly work has limits, but money at work has no limits.

Remember that you would never work for free and you should never let your money work for free. In other words, your money at work has to create income. This income investing rule seems simple but so few people employ it when they invest.

It is very tempting to invest your money into something that is supposed to go up 1000% because some guru says it is guaranteed. It is so enticing. We are all prone to want a quick gain. Who needs 4% every year when you can get 1000% gain right now?

You know the answer already. You want to be a savvy investor. You do not want to waste your savings. But, I ask you, do you have your money invested to create income?

Deciding to put your money into an investment that creates 4% annual income may not be as exciting as hoping for a huge gain, but this is the very first step to creating money at work. This blog will teach you how a series of investments that create income will add up to create retirement income based not on hours worked but based on money at work.

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Don't forget on Monday I will profile another dividend machine idea!


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