Monday, December 27, 2010

DIVIDEND MACHINE - RPM International, Inc, RPM

RPM International Incorporated, symbol RPM is a specialty building materials and chemical company whose dividend will fill your coffers nicely. Sporting a 3.76% dividend yield based on the closing price of $21.97 on Thursday, December 23 that dividend increases about 3.6% every year, this small company just keeps on giving. RPM is number six of fifty two dividend machines that I will profile for your income investing portfolio.

The company has not yet declared its next dividend, but if the past 20 years is a measure of the future, RPM should declare a dividend in early January and pay it mid January.

RPM is not totally boring; with a beta of 1.38 call income has been another potential source of income for those who own this stock.

Regarding being a solid company, RPM has only a .82 D/E (debt to equity ratio.).

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